Horse—Farm Fences in Exeter, NSW

The Southern Highlands rural fencing provider

Osborne Fencing is the top fence construction and installation expert in the Southern Highlands. Our business has proudly serviced the local community for the past 25 years, providing affordably priced and long-lasting fences to homeowners, farm owners and local businesses.

Our rural and domestic fences succeed at keeping trespassers off your property while ensuring that livestock, horses and other farm animals remain safe on your land. We have a long history of working with farmers in the Southern Highlands, helping them with entrance ways, horse and cattle fences, land boundary fences and more.

Variety of Fences

The expertise we have built up over 25 years allows us to successfully design, construct and install any type of fence in the local area. We provide a range of fences, such as traditional split post and rail fencing, cattle yards, electric barriers, vineyard trellising and wire fences.

Any client who is not sure about the type of fence they need can come to Osborne Fencing for assistance. We are happy to sit down with you, discuss your fencing needs and recommend an affordable and durable solution. As a local Southern Highlands business, we understand the importance of keeping your property, livestock, animals and family safe!


Farm—Farm Fences in Exeter, NSW
What factors determine the type of fence I need?
The fence suited for your circumstances depends on many factors. Whether your land is flat or rolling, your type of soil, the number of trees in the area and other factors determine the style and size of fencing that will help keep your livestock or property secure.
Are any fence materials dangerous for animals?
What is the best way to get the ideal fence for my property?